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Who We Are

When your business demands global logistics solutions to or from the shores of India, TNS-India is your partner of choice. With a completely integrated solutions portfolio, that adds momentum to your supply chain across timelines and business hubs, TNS-India is today at the forefront of partnering your endeavor to expand your business and deliver customer satisfaction.



An extensive and strong relationship with a TEAM OF AGENTS ACROSS THE GLOBE, ensures that we can deliver tailor made and time bound solutions, for an array of multi-surface shipping and freight forwarding services. With a dedicated and committed team, Transnational Shipping delivers to clients a series of solutions that help them move cargo to desired destinations with urgency, as well as cost effectiveness.

Enhancing this service is the support of modern infrastructure and upgraded information technology systems, which ensures reliable cargo handling as well as error free and complete documentation, to enable efficient shipments

With a team of committed and knowledgeable logistics professionals who have wide industry exposure, we are uniquely positioned in India to offer you a range of solutions that will truly change the way you look at your supply chain. Do call us for a discussion.

What We Do

*  Sea Freight

*  Air Freight

*  LCL Consolidation

*  Logistics


*  Customs Clearance

*  Door To Door Services

*  Warehousing

*  Supply Chain Management

*  Port & Cfs Handling

*  Stevedoring

*  Project Cargo


Why Choose Us

Customer Satisfication Tools

We aim to offer all of our customers the best possible service, provided by a single, named contact who will look after your interests, from start to finish. This means that you can be sure that an experienced staff member, who understands your business, is available to talk whenever you need to. This helps to ensure that your cargo / shipments are in safe hands. Though confident that the service we provide is of the highest possible standard, we’re never content to rest on our laurels. Instead, we work tirelessly to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the Last but not least, our team is incredibly loyal and experienced, with a large percentage of our workforce having been with us We do everything we can to nurture and develop that talent through industry-leading staff training programmer. The resulting dedication and experience of our team enables us to provide services of the highest quality.

Management & Reporting

"A body of information organized for presentation or transmission to others. It often includes interpretations, recommendations and findings with supporting evidence in the form of other reports." , 'Management Reporting' may be defined as "A system of communication, normally in the written form, of facts which should be brought to the attention of various levels of management who use them to take suitable action." In other words the process of providing information to the management is known as Management Reporting. The word "Information" refers to the data processed or evaluated for a specific purpose.

Objectives of Management Reporting

(1) To obtain the required information relating to the business to discharge its managerial functions of planning. organizing, controlling. directing, and decision making etc. efficiently and effectively.

(2) To ensure the operational efficiency of the concern.

(3) To facilitate the maximum utilization of resources.

(4) To secure industrial understanding among people who are engaged in various aspects of work of enterprise.

(5) To enable to motivating improving discipline and morale.

(6) To help the management for effective decision making.